Take the arbitrager advantage and profit!

The Wheat Load Arbitrager® ...

..is a specialised computer program which maximises your harvest returns by identifying the highest price for each load of wheat. It takes into account the different quality increments between buyers (protein, screenings, moisture) as well as grade spreads, flat pricing, pay grade, bin grade, multigrade, multivarietal and protein only payments.

Do you have any contracts?

The Wheat Load Arbitrager® systematically calculates and identifies the most profitable combination of loads to deliver against your contracts to maximise your total harvest income. Combine this program with extensive harvest and forward marketing experience and you have a winning formula.


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Quality Optimisation is the blending of loads post-delivery
to maximise quality.



Arbitrage is the allocation of loads of different specifications across contracts, cash and pool choices for highest profit.

The Arbitrager computer program has been upgraded to overcome the limitations of CBH's quality optimisation and can now quality optimise and arbitrage (load allocate) simultaneously in one seamless process to ensure growers receive the maximum possible return for their delivered grain. 



Arbitrage is the practice of taking advantage of a price difference
between two or more buyers. 
The marketers do it and make a profit - now so can you!

Photo credit to Richard Poulish