What is the difference between Quality Optimisation & Arbitrage?
Quality Optimisation is the blending of loads post-delivery to maximise quality.
Arbitrage is the allocation of loads of different specifications across contracts, cash and pool choices for highest profit.
Your most profitable solution is to Quality Optimise and Arbitrage at the same time!
Most growers will try to Quality Optimise on the CBH system, then try to Arbitrage as they allocate loads to contracts/pools. A lot of dollars are lost here without knowing it!
The problem is that the best fit for Quality Optimisation depends on the best fit for Arbitrage, and vice versa - a real brain puzzler!

As well, there are significant limitations to using the CBH system to maximise your returns. The CBH system is handy, but in many cases may tell you you are better off by optimising when in actual fact you are not.

The Arbitrager computer program has been upgraded to overcome the limitations of CBH's quality optimisation and can now quality optimise and arbitrage (load allocate) simultaneously in one seamless process to ensure growers receive the maximum possible return for their delivered grain. 

Quality Optimisation & Arbitrager